“The War on the Planet of the Apes” – Future and peaceful coexistence Review

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The War for the Planet of the Apes” free film is the second film review this year (after Kong – the island of the skull), where the main character is a primate director Matt Reeves has done brilliantly with the difficult task of telling fascinatingly familiar and To a certain extent, a predictable story, which combines biblical elements, references to film classics and topical political and social issues worldwide, and the previous two editions of the franchise have already built up the main dramaturgy line that can be summarized as “monkeys with good and bad people. ”

“The War on the Planet of the Apes” Matt Reeves

scene from war of the planet of the apes movieThe film review tells us in an unnaturally dystopian future when the virus and its mutations have almost depopulated the planet. A small army of the fanatical Colonel Army (Woody Harleson) is defeated in a battle against the monkeys led by Caesar (Andy Serkis). The fallen soldiers are spared and released to convey a message about the primal intentions of the primates. The colonel does not give up his intentions to destroy and subdue the monkey and his leader. Soon, the conflict became a personal duel that was crowned with a series of collisions, dramatic apotheosis and biblical style.

In the “War on the Planet of the Apes” movie review, the representatives of the human race are represented in a relatively simple, almost unilateral way. Woody Harleson’s “Colonel” is a glamorous boss, deified by his soldiers, reminiscent of Kurt from Apocalypse Now. Despite the strict minimum screen time he has been given, thanks to his undisputed talent, he creates a colorful, memorable image.

For Mat Reeves, people are more of a gray background and a counterpoint on which their opponents stand out. The director examines in detail the mental state of Caesar and the emotions of his loyal and loyal followers. Thirst for retaliation, nightmares of the past, and responsibility to their likes, tears and lifts the leader of the monkey tribe in a consciously created and maintained Shakespeare style.

“The War on the Planet of the Apes” – A psychological Drama!

And if the “War for the Planet of the Monkeys” can be seen as the classic canonical psychological drama, the second component that will lead to ecstasy movie review theaters is the incredibly high technical performance of the film. The average viewer and video game enthusiast is more or less familiar with the principles and stages of creating a computer image. Screaming chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans create strange hypnotic authenticity, in which the viewer feels deceived and fascinated. The documentary reality of the screen prevails in the fight against common sense, which repeats that the primates can not talk or walk on two legs. Mice and expressive characters of the characters, along with all other visual effects, are a new milestone in post-production interference in the image.

“The War on the Planet of the Apes” A Better Sequel of “Rise of the planet of the Apes”

When the French writer Pierre Bull published in 1963 the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes“, he could hardly account for the magnitude of the echoes born in the cinema business of his fascinating history. After the iconic version of Charlton Heston (1968), dozens of film productions have released their version of the novel. “The War on the Planet of the Apes” affects topical political issues. Humanism, justice, and tolerance of differences take a major role in the narrative, which indirectly raises the issue of the development of human civilization and our place in this process.

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