Upgrade (2018) Action Movie Trailer + Poster – with Logan Marshall-Green by Lee Wangel

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We love the roundtable talks that The Hollywood Reporter is organizing and we rarely miss them. If you do not know what THR is about, they gather a group of actors, screenwriters, filmmakers, or other cinema professionals, and the end result is a interesting talk an hour long, where hearing a lot of curious stories is a must, just for fun or even hearing some disappointed news on a movie star.

We recently watched the “Full Producers Roundtable on youtube,” in which Jason Bloom was involved – he was also the founder and owner of Blumhouse Productions. When their gathered movie producers talked about whether and how far they could judge over the potential success of a movie would be before it even came to the cinema, Bloom just got angry at us saying he never knew what the outcome would be in the commercial sense.

Upgrade (2018) R- Rated Official Movie Trailer

Whatever your opinion about Blumhouse Productions’ movies, one thing is clear – Bloom knows how to produce films with a minimal budget that ultimately make a lot of money. It’s his talent so it’s not interesting. He is a producer of films such as “Paranormal Activity,” “The Purge,” and “Insidious,” which are definitely not masterpieces, but they are extremely successful at the box office, so Bloom has little to do.

All this unnecessary outburst is about upcoming movie “Upgrade”, one of Bloom’s new movies, written and directed by Lee Wagner (Insidious) and who also has a chance to be a decent success without any special claims. You mentioned the project a while ago as Stem, but now we’re getting the first trailer and the chance to see what Wanel, Bloom and Logan Marshall-Greene have prepared for us to see in the lead role. We offer you two versions of the trailer – “red band” and a censored version if for some vague reason you prefer to miss the bleeding.

Positive Movie Critics Reactions for Upgrade (2018)

“Upgrade” has already been presented at the SXSW festival and the reactions of critics and fans are quite positive, and the trailer looks pretty fun and with some nice paint, so we will be glad to watch it when we have the opportunity. We do not expect much, so if we really have a sense of humor, strong humor and total lack of claims, we will be pleased. Even Logan Marshall-Greene (“Prometheus,” “The Invitation“) does not tease us as Gray – a man whose husband is killed during a robbery, as a result of which he remains paralyzed. Chance to move again (and to avenge the criminals, becoming a ninja … almost) gives him “STEM” – an experimental implant to cure paralysis.

Upgrade (2018) Official Movie Poster

upgrade 2018 movie poster

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