Paramount Pictures Confirms: Two Sequels of Star Trek By Quentin Tarantino and S.J. Clarkson

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This week we were not only flooded with comments on videos from upcoming titles that were not officially released online, but we also learned some curious moves from the Star Trek universe that after the notoriously inspirational (and frustrating in the box office) ) “Star Trek: Beyond” was sinking into a fog of speculation and rumor.

Now, however, we have received quite official information, confirmed by Paramount Pictures Chief Jim Gianopoulos, that we are working not one but two scenarios of different sequels.

Quentin Tarantino Get The First Official Script for the New Star Trek Movie

As you can guess, one scenario is for Quentin Tarantino‘s film, to which Mark L. Smith, the writer of Return, recently joined. Unfortunately, for now we know nothing more about this project, except that the work continues and is not abandoned, but that does not mean it will actually be.

The development of the other sequel, which will be directed by S.J., is far more serious. Clarkson. She will be the first female director in Star Trek’s cinema and though it will be her debut on the big screen, Clarkson has a serious experience in Jessica Jones and The Defenders Marvel-episodes, as well as on Dexter, Orange is the New Black, Bates Motel, Banshee, and more.

Confirmed: Star Trek 4 is On Its Way By C.J Clarkson

j j clarkson star trek 4

The project, which is now known only as Star Trek 4, is expected to meet Captain Kirk of Chris Peen with his father, who you probably remember from the initial stage of Jr.’s first film. J. J. Abrams of 2009. It is not a big surprise for us to think in that direction – Chris Hemsworth was playing the finishing role and why the producers would not want to get him back on screen if they can convince him? And we know that the two countries have long come to an agreement after Abrams shared the following last summer:

It’s really an incredible story. That’s why we make a deal with Chris Hemsworth as quickly as possible – we want this story to be told, so we grip our fingers.

Hemsworth himself confirmed subsequently:

“I spoke with J. J. Abrams and he has an incredible offer. “

So far, however, we have no idea if and how much history has changed in the script of J. D. Payne and Patrick McKay, and whether the other Star Trek sequel will ever happen – we are waiting for him with much more interest. Many people think we have no real chance for Tarantino’s Star Trek movie, but once the fly is released, it is hard for us to stop wondering what would happen.

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