“Yellowstone” (2018) Official Movie Trailer with Kevin Costner

Posted 2018/05/01 2115 0

A little more than a year ago, we wrote about Kevin Costner’s plans to delight his fans with at least one (very long) or even multiple story-telling movies, which he co-wrote with a few people, and could take about ten hours each, yet it wasn’t anticipated that a “Yellowstone” movie trailer would surprise in a so short time frame!

We did not learn anymore about this ambitious project, and we initially thought it might be the forthcoming “Yellowstone” series in which Costner played the lead role and whose first full trailer we saw this week, presented by Paramount.

But considering that “Yellowstone” was created by Taylor Sheridan, our initial association was obviously not correct. On the other hand, Costner said he was doing a western, so he can not complain … And “Yellowstone” looks pretty interesting, as long as you fall for cowboys, family drama, heroes of dubious morality, a lot of familiar faces caste and exceptionally beautiful landscapes. See the trailer, and below we offer you a teaser that came out a long time ago, but we have not been able to imagine it, followed by the official synopsis.

As mentioned, the creator of “Yellowstone” is Taylor Sheridan, screenwriter of “Sicario” (2015) and “Hell or High Water,” as well as director of “Wind River” – in fact quite impressive titles, considering his acting career, (his biggest role is in “Sons of Anarchy”). An excellent decision has made it to pass behind the camera and we are happy to see how well it is getting for now. Hopefully, “Yellowstone” will not be a disappointment – of course, we do not expect anything compared with the “Sicario” level, but from the “Yellowstone” trailer we have the impression that Sheridan has bet on what he does best. The premiere of the show is June 20.

“YellowStone” Short Movie Synopsis

Oscar winner Kevin Costner plays John Dutton, who runs the largest ranch in the United States, under constant attacks from surrounding lands and interests – entrepreneurs, the Indian Reserve and the oldest national park in the country. “Yellowstone” is a strenuous tale of a violent world, far from the media’s eye, where the land makes billionaire entrepreneurs, and politicians are sold and bought by the big oil and wood corporations. Where water is poisoned and unresolved killings are everyday. The Best and Worst of America, seen through the eyes of a family that represents both sides of the coin.


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