Official Movie Trailer for “The Meg” (2018) Featuring Jason Statham Revealed+ New Images

Posted 2018/04/12 343 0

Before a couple of days we shared with you the very first images of the upcoming science fiction action thriller “The Meg“, which for now seems so badly awaited, but we will give a chance of nostalgia to the genre and because of my likeness towards the book. In the news, we also showed you a relatively brand new poster of “The Meg“, in which you could almost notice a wit thing in it. Now is the order of an equally unpredictable yet expected official trailer:

… and add a new poster to it – a more subdued, more exaggerated and even more unjustifiably bold than the initial one:

the meg movie trailer


It is clear that you must be a round idiot to expect “The Meg” to be a more memorable and appealing film from a masterpiece like “Jaws“, not to mention that the future ocean hit borrows in its marketing and campaign “Jurassic World,” but at this stage we think that even the overvalued “Dangerous Waters” will be more meaningful to watch than the screenplay by Steve Allton. In the meantime, we need to realize that we were prematurely skeptical and, in the end, in August we will watch something fairly decent, but at the moment it is difficult for us to have a more positive attitude.

We recall that “The Meg” is directed by Jon Turteltaub (“The Sorcerer’s Magician“), and in the roles we will see ethnic and sexually diverse composition: Jason Statham, Li Binbin, Ruby Rose, Massey Oka, Cliff Curtis, Rhine Wilson, Robert Tyler, Olafour Dary Olafsson, Jessica McNewmy, Winston Cha, and others. The Megalodon from the Marian Basin will swim in the stunned and smelly fish-smuggling bays on August 10th.

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