“The Laundromat” – Steven Soderbergh Will Be Filming On Panama Tax Paradise

Posted 2018/04/16 152 0

Steven Soderbergh’s filming schedule has recently been described as a complete insanity. After the feature film “Logan Lucky” and “Unsane” (shot with iPhone), the director presented the innovative thriller “Mosaic”, producing the fantastic “Perfect” and finishing “High Flying Bird” with Andre Holland. All of this, while it was filled with books, movies and serials. What did you do this morning?

Because all of this is clearly incomplete, Soderbergh will take on the long-awaited film devoted to ‘Panama documents’ in the near future. We wrote about the project two years ago, but now there is a serious move, the most important thing being that we got an official title, which will be “The Laundromat“.

We remind you that the biggest amount of leaked information – 11.5 million documents from the Mossack Fonseca & Co. – with more than 40 offices around the world that provides corporate services and turns out to be the focus to the media’s attention in April 2016 when an anonymous source reveals the truth about the financial tricks of a variety of large and all-purpose clients that spread between 1970 and 2015. At the heart of the scenario will be the forthcoming “Secrecy World” book by Jake Bernstein’s journalist and Pulitzer bearer.

In spite of his big words that he will be filming all his movies with a phone because of the big scale of history, Soderbergh will use the latest RED camera this time. A perfectly logical decision, given that the project will take him and his staff to six continents. The photos of “The Laundromat” will start this fall and rumors are expected to include some big acting names. We will keep you updated with new information.

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