New Movie Sequel of “Predator” From Shane Black – Official Trailer

Posted 2018/05/11 440 0

A little more than a month ago we wrote about Shane Black’s “The Predator”, and then we said we believe the director’s promises that the first teaser trailer is expected in a few days (mid-April). It was good that we did not catch the breath for it because the promised ad appeared only yesterday, and because we have already delayed its presentation, as long as we are unleashed. Ladies and Gentlemen, Predator:

We are surprised by our initial reaction, but what we have seen is something we do not like. Maybe because the teaser is PG-13, and for us – as well as for all fans – it is very important that every movie in the Predator series is the coveted category “rated R”. Either way, we will not draw conclusions, yet it’s a short teaser, we’ll wait for some real and more detailed trailer before we get set up.

As we all know (thanks to Keegan’s big mouth Michael Kee, being alive and healthy), “three-fourths of the third act are rewritten and rewritten,” but that may be good – after saying how funny it is “The Predator “A lot of fans were worried not to have overcome humor. According to some of the rumors, the stunts were just to clean up some of the jokes and to emphasize the action and the shedding of blood. We push our fingers so that the end result is worth it.

Watch the official “The Predator” trailer, as well as a few selected photos from the movie (at the top you saw one shot that was exclusively represented by the Empire).

Official Movie Trailer The Predator

From deep space to the streets of an American suburb, the hunt returns to Shane Black’s explosive new film from the Predator series. Now the most deadly hunters in the universe are stronger, smarter, and more deadly than ever, thanks to a genetic upgrade with other species of DNA. When a little boy accidentally provokes their return to Earth, a band of former soldiers and a teacher are the only ones who can prevent the end of humanity.

“The Predator” directed by Shane Black (“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Iron Man 3,” “Lovable Dude”), who is also a screenwriter alongside Fred Decker (“RoboCop 3“). Cast includes: Boyd Holbrooke, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Sterling K. Brown, Jacob Tremblay, Keagan Michael Kee, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Ivon Strahovski, Edward James Olmos, Jake Bussy, Agusto Aguilera and others.

The premiere is September 14, 2018.