Netflix Eyeing For a Big Move – Buying Cinemas

Posted 2018/04/21 110 0

Netflix’s ambitions for original online full-length films are not new, starting in 2015 with the successful “Beasts of No Nation“, but the digital nature of the service and the limited distribution of movie titles makes it difficult for them to compete for many of the prestigious awards. According to sources close to the company, Netflix intends to tackle the problem by simple buying cinemas!

“Landmark Theaters” in The Scope of Netflix

They intent to acquire of “Landmark Theaters in Los Angeles“, has attracted many jury members with pre-screenings and foreign films. Landmark has 53 cinemas within the US and 3 just in the Oscars, but according to sources Netflix has rejected this option:

Netflix wants to put themselves in a key position on both banks. To be taken into account when awarded prizes, they must be powerful in the cinema space.

The Strategy of Netflix: Simultaneously Premier Movies on Its Streaming Platform & Cinemas

Netflix’s current strategy is a simultaneous premiere of movies on its streaming platform and potentially acquired cinemas, which forced them to download their titles at this year’s Cannes festival, but in some cases, “Mudbound” is an obvious example of four Oscar nominations. However, because of the instant movie streaming availability, movie cinema premieres will prevent other big companies from profiting at the box office.

At this stage, a deal is not concluded, but Netflix’s top owners are interested in the idea and intend to act in the near future.

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