Leonardo DiCaprio will make a film about Leonardo da Vinci

Posted 2017/08/14 492 0

After a long dispute in which two major world-class studios disputed the right to screen Walter Eisex’s “Leonardo da Vinci” book, Paramount defeated Universal. Curiously, for now, there is no director who is committed to the ambitious project, but he has long been a thirsty idea of ​​one of the best actors of our time – Leonardo DiCaprio. In addition to working with (almost) all the greatest directors who are currently producing, the actor engages in various ecological causes as well as being involved in production. He is very likely to manifest his abilities in the future project, considering how seriously he has been ambitious to realize it.

Another interesting thing about the two Leonardo – it is no coincidence that the 42-year-old actor shares his name with the unsurpassed Renaissance scholar. DiCaprio’s mother claims to have chosen her child’s name at the time she actually saw Vinci’s works in Italy – and he kicked for the first time in her womb. DiCaprio, of course, has retained the role of the genius artist for Ourselves – we will be interested in the extent to which we will associate the image, known and respected throughout the world. We listen to updates on the subject – and we will share it as soon as we learn more.

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