John Wick: Chapter 3 Synopsis And Poster Officially Confirmed

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He has spoken a lot and has written about Keanu Reeves‘ attempts to return as a key figure in the action genre through his reincarnation to former assassinist John Wick. For some the simple fact that the whole concept of John Wick and his sequel leaned on his indomitable will, crushing concrete and sweeping crowds from his less-than-fellow colleagues, it was not enough to push the film up in a higher column than that of an almost tolerant Friday fiche. But for the delight of those who have found excellent elements in the previous two films, Lionsgate, screenwriter Derek Colstad and director Chad Stahelski have joined in their vision of shooting something closer to classics in the genre, focusing more on the history and personal fates of the characters.

To admit, despite the ingenious choreography of the mellows, the puddles of blood in the free second part came to me a little bit more and I was worried whether John Wick would be able to establish itself as a serious series. Then there were interviews in which Colstad said he would like to put Wick in Tokyo, and Reeves himself for a continuation in Jerusalem. I began to worry slightly. A cover story also appeared on Stachelski’s interview for Digital Spy:

The plans are to keep John Wick on the move, with Britain, Paris, Asia and the Middle East being discussed.

John Wick: Chapter 3 Official Movie Poster Released as Teaser

All these ideas, however, that the franchise will set in epic, have contradicted the wonderful news that came from Las Vegas and CinemaCon just ended – we already have an official John Wick Chapter 3 synopsis and a teaser poster that is more of a type of extremely ugly and meaningless “announcement” poster and we add it only because of the premiere date.

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is in disgrace and flees in an attempt to save his life for two reasons. One is that a sum of 14 million is placed on his head. The second is a murder on the territory of the Continental Hotels chain, which is against the rules of the murderers’ network. John killed one of the High Table members, and Winston’s manager, Continental, gave John 60 minutes before his membership was canceled. Wick will try to use the structure of the net to save himself while he carries out his corpses through New York.

Japanese Yakuza Set Its Eye on John Wick

From the synopsis, it is clear that the story will come down to Reeves‘ raging battle with the other killers in New York. John Wick is infinitely fucked up. Not only is every web assassin at his heels, but the elite members of the “High Table” are expected to crush him at any moment, and their connection with the Japanese Yakuza can not be ruled out after Hiroyuki Sanada (“Sunshine“,” The Wolverine “) confirmed their participation. Sounds exciting!

The official synopsis of also confirmed the words of Stahelski before Collider:

The important thing is to show the subtleties of this world. I believe I missed a lot of them in the second part. I’ll show you how the killer networks work and I’ll focus on different parts of New York. So do not expect huge sets, I want to show you cool, exciting “rooms” of this reality. It would be a mistake to target something huge. This is not our direction, it’s more appropriate for a comic book or a James Bond movie. Why not show the little details of everyday life? I hope we get viewers to see the garbage and the homeless in a slightly different way.

The movie posters of “John Wick: Chapter Three” are running now and the premiere is scheduled for May next year.

John Wick: Chapter 3 Movie Synopsis Poster


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