Elizabeth Moss in ‘Her Smell’ – First Video Teaser & Poster

Posted 2018/09/16 241 0

After her successful collaboration with Listen Up Philip and Queen of Earth, screenwriter and director Alex Ross Perry and actress Elizabeth Moss have again gathered for a joint movie project, the music drama Her Smell, which was one of our films from the Toronto Festival program.

Her Smell Synopsis

The film tells of Becky Smitting (Moss), who has taken on a self-destructive rock star, whose relationship with members of her group, family and fans, suffers seriously as a result of her long standing struggle with alcoholism.

She regains her inspiration, becoming the mentor of the rising female band The Akergirls, but begins to crack under the pressure to succeed at any cost as her former group rises to star status, and she herself goes unnoticed.

Besides Elizabeth Moss, Her Smell includes Amber Heard, Virginia Madsen, Cara Delevingne, Ashley Benson, Dan Stevens and Eric Stoltz.

The first Her Smell teaser is actually a clip from one of the scenes:


Toronto’s Her Smell reviews are mixed, with one of the greatest praiseworthy expectations for Elizabeth Moss’s performance, whose character is not just a cartoon rock star, but a nuanced hero with depth! Previous collaborations (see above) between Perry and Moss were quite interesting, so we’re curious to see how they’ve been doing this one without expecting anything special.

On September 29, the film will also be shown at the New York Film Festival, and the official premiere date is not yet known.

her smell first movie poster and teaser