Exclusive Video Footage From Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Online

Posted 2017/11/24 858 0

As published by writer/producer Colin Trevorrow, it is probably a piece from the incoming original trailer for the sequel of Jurassic World online movie, even although there’s no formal date for the complete matter to arrive at online. Usually, we are despised to gratify Hollywood in its own bothersome trend of placing out teasers for trailers: Patches of footage made to market coverage like this. But sometimes you simply need to generate an exclusion, also Chris Pratt along with an cute dino-baby to get Super Planet: Fallen Kingdom activates that exclusion.

jurassic world fallen kingdom leaked footage

What we know Thus Far about the Film is beyond Fundamental: That the synopsis Reads much more like an ad, pimping the existence of favorite characters (like Pratt’s Owen Grady along with Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing) and familiar dinosaurs, and some fascinating new strains.

Together with J.A. Bayona from the director’s seat this time, the cast also features Toby Jones, James Cromwell, Rafe Spall and Jurassic Park franchise legend/all-round celebrity Jeff Goldblum. The film will roar to UK cinemas on 8 June following year.

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