Disney Films Unfit For Awards Following LA Times Discord Over a Parking Lot

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This started if the LA Times published an article accusing Disney, that “Disney’s Parks & Resorts” are not paying a reasonable share to the town of Anaheim in terms of using the parking lot!

As follows, Disney makes a bold move, and temporary vetoed the media giat LA Times to preview their movies before they reach the general public. A Disney spokesperson stated that the Times’ report revealed

“a complete disregard for fundamental journalistic standards.”

Disney’s announcement accused the LA Times’ post of being “biased and incorrect” and “completely driven by a political agenda.

Prestigious movie critics’ infuencers, reviewers and movie blogs, ‘punched’ against Disney!Disney banned from movie awards in La Times discord

Each of these film critics’ classes have admonished Disney for limiting the ‘ LA Times’ access. Some reputable movie awards organizations( The L.A. Film Critics Association, N.Y. Film Critics Circle, Boston Society of Film Critics and National Society of Film Critics), declared that all Disney movies are disqualified from being nominated in the end year movie awards on their respected movie award events!

Harsh critical words were also included like violation of ‘Freedom of Speech’ commited by Disney, by the above mentioned movie associations like:

“are antithetical to the principles of a free media and also set a dangerous precedent at a period of already increased hostility toward journalists.”

Their statement also reffered that Disney movies mus:

“state its disagreement with a company narrative via ongoing public conversation,” instead of banning  journalists!

Eventhough the story awaits updates from Disney side the “scorch is litten”, and a happy Disney ending isn’t in sight.


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