LA Times Can’t Preview Marvel & Star Wars Movies Anymore

Posted 2017/11/04 326 0

Do Not Search for any Forthcoming Marvel or Even Star Wars Testimonials from the LA Times.

LA Times author Glenn Whipp explained movie studio Disney has prohibited the newspaper in screenings latest Disney films including Thor: Ragnarok along with the forthcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi at retaliation for the critical reporting of Disney‘s connection with the Anaheim, home to Disneyland. Whipp describes it this way:

“Disney didn’t like the Times’ recent two-part story detailing Disneyland‘s business ties with the city of Anaheim.”

Disney’s LA Times Ban Indefinite!disney ban la times to indefinite time

Disney has prohibited that the Los Angeles Times giant newspeaper, in a indefinite time frame, however they’ll be certain not have the ability to review early Thor: Ragnarok as well as The Last Jedi¬†(2017) the most awaited movie for this year.

A Parking Lot News Story by LA Times, Troubles Disney

Among the topics of this Los Angeles Times news coverage, reported in September 2017, is that the company-city connection on a space more than 10 thousands square parking garage/lot that Anaheim constructed and possesses, but rents to Disney for a symbolic price of 1$ per year.

Disney allegedly receives each of the earnings generated in the parking arrangement, which costs $20 bucks per car to park and $35 bucks for a favorite spot near elevator accessibility.

The public haven’t got an official statement on the issue, and still no additional news concerning the circumstance can be found currently! Although it isn’t obvious just how long that the Disney ‘ban’ will last for the LA Times, the newspaper has said that it’s going to continue to publish reviews for Disney free films, but whenever they are available to the public.

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