Die Hard 6 Gets A New Title: McClane!

Posted 2018/09/04 179 0

The fifth and final part of the series Die Hard, insulted us in such a way that killed the already minimal interest we had about a possible sixth film, be it the last.

Things have been worsened by the fact that over the past few years, Bruce Willis took the path of Nicolas Cage, dramatically lowered levels involved in any disgraceful “direct to video” who became a shadow of his former self, did not we we wanted to see him again once again with one of the greatest images in the cinema.

For this reason, we have not got any bit of excitement of this sixth sequel of Die Hard, but now we come to the point where, if we allow a metaphor, we can no longer held his breath and must open our mouths and we swallow up with sloppiness.

What Do We Know So Far On Die Hard 6 or McClane?

Here’s what we know so far. The film, whose working title was “Die Hard: Year One,” will be a sequel and prequel, and will follow both John McClane’s 60-year-old and his 20 plus years serving in the police. On the director’s chair sits Len Wiseman¬†(also directed Underworld).

The producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, shares extra information about the film, including the fact that his title will be McClane, at least for now.

You can guess what our intentions are on the fact that on the title page we write “McClain”. We want you to be involved with John McClain more than ever.

Nobody Wants a Movie Without Bruce Willis

I do not know how you do Die Hard without Bruce. The idea that it is not a significant part of history is completely wrong. We will follow the twenty-year-old John McClain, but just as much as his 60-year-old.

At this point, we have absolutely no reason to be optimistic about “Die Hard 6”, no matter how they call it “McClain,” “Die Hard: Year One,” or “Dead Already.” The idea for young McClainto save the situation sounds terrible because it really makes sense to John McCartney’s first and unsurpassed film about the average man (whether he or policeman) who is in an emergency. Len Wiseman’s “sleek” craftsman and can not offer anything about this story that needs “dirt” and intimacy, and Bruce Willis, if you can wake him up to tell his lines with the only expression of which is capable at the moment, all right.

Jai Courtney to Play as McClain’s Son

Only one positive thing we see in McClain is that Jai Courtney (who also acted on Suicide Squad) can not play the young John McClain. Unless the “genius” idea comes up that the guy who plays his son can play it as a young man. It will be terrible!